Briarwood Construction LLC

Briarwood Construction provides construction management services for all L3CCP's assets, enabling the full vertical integration of L3CCP's business plan for each property.


established 2015

Project management is directly overseen by Briarwood’s team of experienced Project Managers, Onsite Superintendents, and Assistants.  Direct project oversight allows for strict quality controls and delivery of quality work product.

Briarwood’s back office team, together with onsite project supervision, interfaces with property management and the project’s lenders to allow seamless property operations throughout construction, production of all lender required reporting, and management of draw processes.

A fundamental pillar of L3CCP’s investment strategy is the upgrading of multifamily assets through tailored renovation programs. L3CCP manages this process through its affiliate, Briarwood Construction LLC, which provides project development, pre-construction, design, construction management, and general contracting services for all L3CCP projects, ensuring the highest quality construction as well as efficient execution on all projects. L3CCP's seamless integration with Briarwood enables a transparent flow of information that enhances both the construction and operating functions of L3CCP’s properties.

To date, Briarwood has renovated approximately 3,000 units in L3CCP’s portfolio, and has completed construction work in excess of $100 million.

Briarwood is supported by a back-office infrastructure providing accounting, human resources and information technology services. Projects are designed by a project-specific group of design professionals, including architects, engineers, interior designers and various specialty consultants. The design group directs scope development during pre-construction, and provides ongoing support throughout construction, overseeing proper scope implementation and execution by subcontractors and internal skilled labor.


A 5500 Wissahickon Ave., Manor 303C, Philadelphia, PA 19144

T 215-278-9681

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